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Move tutor Rules

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Move tutor Rules

Post by Shiz on Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:04 pm

A Move Tutor will teach any move of the two types they have to any pokémon that is qualified to learn it. The move tutors are as follows:

Rocky- Zenitha Canyon- Rock/Ground
Venom-Abandoned Factory-Ghost/Poison
Aqua-Waterfall Lake-Water/Ice
Electro-Kidlat City-Electric/Flying
Hierba-Nebula Forest-Grass/Bug
Hierro-Anino Tunnel-Psychic/Steel
Fuego-Groudon Island-Fire/Fighting
Norma-Rayquaza Island-Normal
Draco-Dominus Island-Dark/Dragon

To have a move tutor teach your pokémon start a topic in their section and ask them to train it. You may either pay 700£ or request for the mod to give you a special mission on behalf of the tutor. You leave the pokémon with the tutor and go on about your normal adventuring. You may retrieve the pokémon, with the desired move, after three pages of RP across however many topics it takes. If you took a job for the NPC you must have completed it before retrieving the pokémon regardless of how many pages it takes. (Expect a 7 page minimum, however.)

Mods, you are expected to give difficult tasks in place of payment.

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