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Post by Shiz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:44 pm


What is this place? It's a Pokemon RP; a role play. It's basically a place where you can create your own fictional character and have it come to life. Specifically, a character that resides in the world of pokemon.

[Q] How do I start?
[A] Make a character profile in the pending profile section and wait for approval. Remember to follow the template, or else you'll have difficulty in getting approved. If you aren't accepted, then you can't start roleplaying.

[Q] How do I get my first Pokémon?
[A] Go to the lab to get any region starters. You can also add a pokemon into your history while making your character - check the 'Starter Options' topic to see what choices you have. Anything that is not on the list isn't an option, obviously.

[Q] How do I level up my Pokémon?
[A] Read 'Leveling Rules' in the rules forum for information on this subject.

[Q] How do I get Pokédollars £?
[A] You begin with 1000 and from then on you can sell items or get promos for more Pokédollars £. If you're a breeder you can breed pokemon for trainers for a cost, or if you're a collector you can search for valuable objects and sell them to the 'less fortunate'. It's really not that hard to get money around here.

[Q] How do I find/catch Pokémon?
[A] Go to any of the areas in Katsu Region, create a topic IC, and a moderator or an administrator will spawn a pokemon for you. You can't choose what you find, of course - but you can choose whether or not you want to battle and/or catch an encounter.

[Q] How do I get items?
[A] You can buy them at the Pokémart or some Pokémon might be holding some. It's not uncommon for members to find items IC while in the middle of a thread.

[Q] Do I lose Pokéballs when I use them to catch a wild Pokémon?
[A] If you successfully caught it, yes. If it escaped the Pokéball, no.

[Q] How do i know when my pokémon levels up and learns new moves?
[A] You are responsible for that, so use sites like Bulbapedia. Staff does keep a close eye on things like that, so don't go teaching your Charmander Flamethrower at level 11.

[Q] My mod isn't doing his/her job. What can I do?
[A] Well, unlike most RP's - you can simply request another mod's services. There's no time limit in regards to how long you have to wait to ask for a different moderator. If you think that things are taking too long, even if you've only waited an hour, then so be it. Ask for another moderator. If you've gone without a mod for 48 hours, then simply post a link to your thread in the 'Mod Me' section in Katsu Support.

[Q] How do I get a secondary character?
[A] You can ask me for one and if I think you deserve one I will grant you one. If I don't you will have to have 300 posts before creating the second, and then 300 posts with your second character to make a third. No more than that is allowed however, unless you get rid of one. Please check "Cross Class Rules" before making a decision though; as there are other options.

[Q] When does my pokemon learn _____?
[A] For those of you wondering when your pokemon learns what moves and what TM's it can use, this is your answer. We go by the Black and White games, as such we use that TM and HM list. We also use that pokedex. If you are looking for a site that is easy to navigate, and find out information on your pokemon, please use the link provided. http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-bw/

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