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About: Modding, and Word Counts

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About: Modding, and Word Counts

Post by Shiz on Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:53 pm

Since our staff members are hard pressed to keep up with our members in regards to moderation, here's a new form of modding to consider.

I personally prefer that moderators stick to the (new) 50 word minimum requirement called for in Katsu's rules, however, in order to keep up with our members' RP... You're now allowed to post as if we were playing a game.


Member's post:

A random Unown had appeared and it happily attacked. "Piplup! Watch out!" Piplup hit the deck and fell to the floor. The hidden power hit the wall and cause a large amount of debris flew around. "Whoa you ok Piplup?" It reassured it's master and stood back up. "Pip!" "Well ok Piplup let's do some damage to it! Rush it and use pound!" it shook it's head and started to run to the Unown. "Pip!" which meant "let's do this I'm on a roll" it swung it's arm at the Unown pokemon in hopes of it hitting the strange letter pokemon

Moderator's post:

Pound hit!

The Unknown was hit upside the... Head? With the pound attack, causing it to squeak pathetically and swerve in mid air. The psychic type floating away slightly, it's single eye narrowing as it glared at your Piplup.

Unknown used Hidden Power!

What else could it do? It had such a limited movepool that it was almost doomed to fail. The hidden power was launched; it wasn't capable of burning... Hopefully.

As you can see, I still expect something other than mere statements. We can't expect members to meet the minimum word requirements if all way say is what hit or not, right? Right. So, please use this knowledge to your advantage and mod more actively.


Please note: This does not apply to Gym Battles or NPC trainer battles. Extra effort is required on the members' parts in order to win one of those. Meaning, 50 word minimum for both the moderator and the member challenging is required.


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