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The Struggle Begins! Matt vs Ivy

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The Struggle Begins! Matt vs Ivy

Post by Matt5566 on Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:33 pm

Matt sighed as he stepped in front of the Vitis Gym. Well, here it is. The first gym. Matt gulped, being a bit nervous. Zigzagoon looked up at Matt, and smiled reassuringly, while shouting a hearty "Goon!" Matt looked down at Zigzagoon and smiled What do I have to be worried about? I have you with me! We could probably win this! Zigzagoon nodded, and started walking towards the entrance to the gym, Matt following close behind.

Taking one last breath outside, Matt pushed open the doors and walked inside. I have come to battle with the leader of this gym! Please accept my challenge!

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Re: The Struggle Begins! Matt vs Ivy

Post by Asuka on Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:27 pm

"You must be new to this." A feminine voice called out to you from your left - you would turn to see a mass of green hair waving from side to side, as the gym leader made her way towards you with a cool expression on her face. She hesitated, before smirking. "No need to shout, I'm right here. And I'll accept your challenge, no doubt about that." She sighed, shifting her weight from one side to another as she crossed her arms over her chest, flipping her hair over a shoulder. She seemed a little bit too... Whorish to be a gym leader. But that just meant she had the fighting power to back her position up. Best be on your guard.

"I'm not gonna be taking it easy on you, y'know." She continued, as she turned to walk back from the direction in which she came. The arena was pretty wide and flat; the gym's floor was dirt, and there were vines all over the walls. It was definitely a grass gym, although it seemed more like a poison/grass gym. Maybe it was. You could bet that this girl specialized in status attacks more than raw power. "What are you waiting for?" Ivy called out to you; she didn't seem to be into the stupid formal introductions and stuff. As you made your way to the battle field, you saw something, or someone, on the sidelines... A camera crew? They seemed to be getting ready to film your battle. This could be awesome for you, or horrible...


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