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Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia partners

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Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia partners

Post by Byakuga on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:44 am

Just like title says if you played Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia with which partner did you travel the most, well at start you can only have Munchlax,Pachirisu or Starly but later while doing quests(or through storyline for Mime Jr.,Crougank and Kricketot) you get more partners so if you played the game with which partner did you used the most in?

Well for me i captured Starly in Nabiki Beach mission to make it my partner. Later in game when i came across Kricketot i captured him since you need too as point of storyline. After it ebcame my partner i just left him in father field for the rest of game but since i was supposed to be patroling i ran to man in Vien Forest which has quest about Cranidos being chased by Wartotle. I accepted and captured both at same time and then Cranidos became my partner. Then i just used Cranidos for the rest of the game as my partner, other partners i got we're send to father field or beach next to it. Well i currently have 9 partners even tough i beated the game main storyline already.

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