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Helping Hand

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Helping Hand

Post by Ana on Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:26 am

"My head is literally throbbing..." groaned Ana as she wandered through the alleyways of the psychic city. "There must be some sort of psychic battle going on. Unless it's you, of course." she remarked accusingly towards her Misdreavus, Mary. The Misdreavus had kept a fair distance behind her trainer , but was facing the opposite direction, almost as though she were watching her back. But upon hearing this accusation, it span around, looking taken aback by her comments. The little ghost shook her head, following up with an accusing glare of her own. Ana simply shrugged it off. "Well, whatever it is, I wanna find it. I came to this town because psychic types would be great for searching treasure... And this town is apparently crawling with 'em. But I don't want just any old psychic type. No way siree bob etc etc. I want something strong.... something... graceful..."

Ana went on to a little rant of her own, describing the characteristics of her dream pokemon. Which Mary was not prepared to sit around and listen to. Somewhat discontent, the Misdreavus began to float onwards, passing by Ana as she continued to daydream about her perfect pokemon. Just below, there was a dried up aqueduct and Mary drifted down into it. To either side were tunnel entrances, presumably leading to the sewer at some point or another. Mary only knew this from the pungent aroma that came from two ends. Maybe it was a mistake to drift down here?

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Re: Helping Hand

Post by Hatarou on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:33 pm

Oh the big city, strangely a psychic pokemon paradise. Well down the street a small little blue pokemon was having a ball. "Wynaut! Wynaut! Wynaut!" A little wynaut was singing a little song even though it could only say one word. It skipped to see the a person ranting on and on. "Wynaut?" It skipped to the person and smiled and with it's ear it poked the womans thigh. "Wynaut!" It had a goofy smile on it's face as it kept poking the pokemon.


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