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We Own The Night [if][lb]

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We Own The Night [if][lb]

Post by Abigail on Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:16 am

Own The Night is set a year from the events of Blade: Trinity. Drake
was defeated by Blade and it had appeared that the Vampires were gone. A
new force rose up in the form of Werewolves but slowly and surely the
Vampires began to reappear. The serum created to destroy all Vampires
was not as effective as was first thought. Some stragglers remained and
began to repopulate there numbers. The Nightstalkers and other Hunters
are now focused on the center of these activities; New York.

now a war fought on two fronts: The Vampires and The Werewolves and the
humans are caught in the crossfire. It's time for Blade, The
Nightstalkers and other Hunters to take a stand and protect the
innocents from being killed or turned into either creature. The time to
fight is now.

Are you ready?





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