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Shocking [TRAINING]

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Shocking [TRAINING]

Post by Asuka on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:31 am

Shocking, aint it?

"That had to have been the worst day trip I've ever had." Teenage girls seemed to hate getting covered in mud and twigs. And that trip to the forest certainly did her a shit load of good in regards to that. She and her injured pokemon emerged, covered in the stuff, each of them wearing a look that screamed exhaustion. Asuka was tempted to run home to her daddy and whine that she was stupid and never should have left - but she wouldn't do him the pleasure. He probably wasn't even home anymore, anyway. Him and his stupid business trips... A pain in the ass, but that didn't matter anymore. She wasn't home waiting for someone to talk to other than her one and only friend, Drifloon. She had Hitomoshi too, although she really stole the poor pokemon... The ghost didn't seem to mind that knowledge though. Asuka was a kind trainer, for the most part. She got irritated easily though - but that was easy enough to remedy.

With a lot of grunting and groaning, not to mention whining; Asuka and her party made their way towards the nearest city or town, rushing towards the pokemon center. They would heal up, restock their supplies, and then head over towards whichever location Asuka decided on visiting next... If any. At that moment in time, the teenager was pretty damn sure that she didn't want to go anywhere for the time being.

|| | || | || | || | || | || | ||

A piece of art could very well be a piece of trash, depending on whoever is looking at it. A majestic structure of dominoes stood tall and mighty, and Asuka sighed as she gave it a nice and stressed flick, causing the piece of art to go crashing down into a pile of nothingness. Her eyes were dark, screaming boredom as she leaned back to stretch with a yawn. It had been two days since she came to Kidlat - but she's done nothing notable as of yet. Rather, she's pretty much cooped herself up in the city's pokemon center, resting, and feeling rather dull as of late. 'Maybe I'm depressed.' She considered for a moment, the corners of her lips drooping in a dramatic manner, before she shook her head in denial. As if she were so lame as to go all emo when she was really having the time of her life. Training was fun as fuck: but sometimes she just didn't feel like going around and kicking ass. That was normal, right?

The girl's pokemon were in their capsules, which were nice and cozy; deep inside the depths of the trainer's bag that was currently resting on her lap. Drifloon and Hitomoshi were tired from the trip; they were pretty weak, after all; having never trained before these last couple of days. although Asuka couldn't blame them for being tired, it was still a pain in the ass. Fortunately for them, she didn't complain since she just plain wasn't in the mood to move around too much anyway. In fact, all she's been doing the last couple of days was sitting around in the center's main lobby, flicking down domino towers and slapping jacks with the rest of the trainers hanging around. She met this one dude, Ryo - he had the funniest pokemon ever. Ryo himself was pretty cool, a bit on the quiet side, but his charms made up for that. Not to mention he had a pretty cute smile. Too bad for him she wasn't interested in a relationship, because normally she would have jumped in his pants and had a field day. No, but his Poochyena was a total prankster.

It kind of made her want to get a Poochyena too: or at least a pokemon of the same type that shared the creature's personality traits and the such. The second person she met - this one she really didn't like. Hinata. One of the most annoying boys ever, with his stupid ass bowl cut, and nasty lip fuzz. Yellow teeth, etcetera; it's depressing when you can accurately judge a person by their outward appearance; because she automatically assumed he was one of those lame drug addicts who think they're cool because they do that crap. Granted, Asuka does it, or rather, did it all the time whenever she got the chance. She wasn't an addict - but she had to admit that shit felt good. But, him being an addict was no excuse for him to spit in pretzels in her face whenever he would chew and talk. He seemed to like her a lot, because he wouldn't leave her the fuck alone. His Skitty was okay though.

Finally, there was Ami. She was an average looking girl, with pasty skin and a few freckles scattered here and there - with big wide chocolate brown eyes and somewhat frizzy brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her face had a cute round to it, though. Asuka hadn't really talked much to her though; she generally had trouble getting along with girls for the most part. It was troublesome, since they were so fucking demanding and caused a shit load of drama... Sometimes she just hated girls. Ami's Kingler looked strong though - Asuka was a bit intimidated... She was only a new trainer after all - it would be a good idea to not push Ami over the edge and cause her to snap. With another sigh, she shifted her weight and leaned forward on the table, staring at the big tough looking water type through the corner of her almond coloured eyes. Blinking, she averted her attention to Ryo, who was smiling widely at the druggy, Hinata.

"Seriously, you have to try it." Druggy laughed - gee, you had to wonder what he was suggesting. Rolling her eyes, Asuka pushed her chair out and stood, slinging her bag over her shoulder, causing both of the boys to look up at her curiously. Ami simply stared ahead with a look of pure and utter boredom, Kingler snapping his pincers apathetically as he chanted his name. "I feel like going for a walk." She said softly, semi cheerfully. It was a warm day; that at least would make her feel a bit better. The four of them walked outside, Poochyena, Kingler, and Skitty walking in their own little group as the trainers walked alongside one another like good friends. They hadn't really gotten to know eachother that well in the last couple of days, but they were certainly comfortable with eachother's presence. "Damn sunlight..." Asu muttered to herself as she lit up a cigarette and groaned in satisfaction after inhaling the first time. She heard Druggy snicker in the background.

She was sure that Drifloon and Hitomoshi were still tired after that long trip, but a nice walk in the park wouldn't hurt, would it? Besides, they haven't met the other pokemon yet. With a sigh, she reached into her bag, and pulled out each of their pokeballs, before expanding them and clicking the middle button gently. The capsule's mechanisms were set into motion; Drifloon and Hitomoshi were out in a moment's time, turning around to get a better feel for their environment. It didn't take long for them to rush over towards the other pokemon, smiling and playing happily. At least, with Skitty and Poochyena. Kingler was big... And scary. And big. Point made, no? At any rate, Asu felt comfortable enough to let them mingle, as she went off on her own - away from the rest of the trainers and their pokemon. With a grunt she sat on the edge of a fountain, dipping her long and elegant fingers into the cool and clear water as she tapped her foot to the beat of her iTouch. Life was good - and she was pretty damn relaxed for the time being.

"I'll be laying in the sun, bottle and a gun-" The girl smiled; she loved Undead. As she would run through the lyrics mentally, she felt something rub against her shoulder - and she spun around, startled. "... a freak." Asu blinked, narrowing her eyes as she took in the features of the person who had tapped her shoulder. Ami smiled, sitting next to her fellow trainer; Kingler, Drifloon, and Hitomoshi behind her. "The way you look at me, I can tell that you're a freak." The girl repeated, smiling with a knowing look. The bitch knew about Undead - it looked like she wasn't as lame as she seemed in the first place. Asu chuckled, offering Ami one of her earphones. The girl accepted, and they sat for a while just like that; beside eachother, each tapping their foot to the beat of "Bottle And A Gun". Under normal circumstances it would've been boring - but there was nothing boring about sitting around and listening to music on a warm and comfortable day. Hell, taking a nap wouldn't be boring.

"I'm not usually that quiet, you know." Ami started, flicking Asu's leg to catch her attention. The almond eyed girl blinked, turning towards her senior trainer. "I'm just not that good around people I first meet. I mean-" She cocked her head to the side, as if contemplating something. "Sometimes I can just click with someone, but... I guess I didn't get the chance to 'click' or whatever with you since that fuckin' pothead was always hitting on you." Both of them smirked; stupid pothead. "So..." Ami started again, tapping her feet awkwardly as she glanced at the black haired trainer. The heroine sighed contently as she swept her dark hair back. "You wanna battle?" Oh God, she hoped she wouldn't ask - ever. The bitch is gonna make a total fool out of her. Still, it wasn't like she had any choice at this point... Technically she's not allowed to turn down any request for a battle - but it wasn't so much the rules of being a trainer that bound her to accepting the offer. It was just plain because she was too damn stubborn and prideful for her own good.

Kingler looked as if he were about to approach, but instead, he simply turned away to continue playing with Hitomoshi, as Drifloon approached his trainer with knowing eyes. He always went first, after all. "Don't mind him... I got him in a trade about a week ago. He'll listen to me eventually. I still haven't managed to beat the first gym though..." Ami made a face as if to say she was absolutely ashamed to call herself a trainer. Had to make Asu wonder how many times she had tried to battle the gym leader already, and failed miserably. 'So what will she use...?' Asuka asked herself, eyes widening as she watched the brunette toss a blue and yellow pokeball into the air, revealing her first choice. A Voltorb... That was an electric type, Asuka noted. It would take a while for her to get used to this 'type' thing. Hell, she didn't even remember what her own pokemons' types are. They were both part ghost, that much was for sure... But as to what else, she had no fuckin' idea whatsoever. But, it wasn't so much Voltorb's type that troubled Asuka.

It was a fuckin' ball. A sphere. It looked like it was hard to hold still properly; like it could simply roll out of your grip... That was how perfectly spherical it was. It was apparent that Ami didn't really think about the situation before she sent out her pokemon, though - or else she would have had more of a smug look on her face. She seemed excited, rather - her lips were turned up, and her eyes were bright and cheerful. A huge contrast from before, most definitely. Drifloon floated forth - but before Asuka could call him back, she stopped herself. Again, her pride was making itself apparent. Like hell would she immediately call back her first choice! That would be way too embarrasing, and she wouldn't be able to go back to the center and meet the judging eyes of Ryo and Hinata. So, they would continue as they were - Drifloon at a huge disadvantage because of his lack of variety in regards to moves. Astonish would probably only work once - and wrap... It really didn't look like wrap would work too well.

"Voltorb, Tackle!"

The stereotypical opening when it comes to noobish pokemon battles. It was clear now to Asuka that Ami was in fact one of her kind: new to the world of pokemon, with a complete lack of understanding and experience. A dark horse; a one trick pony... An underdog. All trainers are underdogs when they first start out - and it's their dream to make a name for themselves. Asuka was just like the rest of them, although maybe she hinted a shit load more indifference than the others. She mainly did it for the recognition, yeah... But the whole power and money thing was a sexy bonus that she wouldn't pass up. Drifloon shifted, and floated up- mocking Voltorb as the ball came rolling towards him. Stupid ball; tackle wouldn't have worked anyway, but he just felt like teasing it a bit. The poor thing couldn't jump. Asuka couldn't help but cover her mouth with her wrist to surpress a giggle or two. Ami pouted, her fists clenching as her cheeks turned pink. Only now did she realize that both of Asuka's pokemon were floating in mid air... Fail trainer - fail.

"Constrict attack!" Asuka called out to her starter. Drifloon chanted his name as he rushed forth, reaching out with his stringy arms.

How would they make this work? It would suck if it turned out to be a complete tie between the first two pokemon; ties weren't in Asuka's vocabulary. It was either win, or lose honourably. And to her... Losing while keeping her pride safe from harm was near impossible, and she would do everything in her power to avoid losing at all costs. She shifted her weight uncomfortably as her iTouch shuffled music. Drifloon groaned as he tried to squeeze the Voltorb, but to no avail. His arms were far too skinny to get a firm and proper grip... The Voltorb was too wide and rouded; he couldn't keep a hold on the creature. It was frustrating, to say the least. The following was insanely boring - so I'll save you from that torment.

|| | || | || | || | || | || | ||

Words: About 2400
Results: Drifloon, +4 levels.
+ Learned Gust
+ Learned Focus Energy


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Re: Shocking [TRAINING]

Post by Kei Osideken on Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:42 am




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