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Apply for Staff!

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Apply for Staff!

Post by Shiz on Wed Jan 26, 2011 9:32 pm

Staff Applications

Apply for staff here. Well, not here; you pm me with you application. Only active members are allowed- meaning you have to be online and have at least one RP post a day. It's understandable if you hadn't been modded- but otherwise, we'll only choose from the 'best'. You're also going to be taking a test to pass from now on, the answers of which you're going to PM to me. Keep in mind, that you need a higher score depending on the position requested, as well as a certain level of activity.

Here's the template of what your application should look like:


[b]What position you want:[/b]
[b]Why you want it:[/b]
[b]How often you're active:[/b]
[b]Any experience? (Other than Elix):[/b]
[b]RP Example:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]

For RP example, it should be an example of your usual post- not a training thread, or anything of the like.


This test consists of several sections: Written answer, Riddles, and True or False. The majority is supposed to be written, and although it's generally subjective, there are ideal answers. Given you explain your answer in depth however, you could still get full points. These are all completely hypothetical. Remember, don't worry too much about right or wrong, as long as you have good enough reasoning, and aren't literally answering with 'just break the stupid rule', then it should be good enough. Not 'will', but 'should.'

Written Answer; will be graded according to answer, detail, use of vocabulary, and grammar.

Riddles; will not be graded- simply there to 'grade' creativity. If left blank, points will be deducted.

True or False; graded directly as right or wrong. Some of them are trick questions.

Copy and paste this, and PM me with the template, along with your answers. I want it exactly as it looks here, or your application will be ignored, and you will fail.

Test Questions:



[center][b][size=18][color=white][u]Written Answers[/u][/size][/b][/color][/center]

[b][color=darkred][Q): Someone who is modding YOU, or even someone else, makes several mistakes. They don't follow the rules, and they constantly don't read your posts. Assume you're irritated at this point, and you have the chance to talk to an administrator about this moderator's behavior. What do you say?[/b][/color]

[u](A): ___[/u]

[b][color=darkred](Q): Assume you're modding as a gym leader. The person you're modding is doing a rather horrible job in explaining their technique- yet at the same time, their party members are a good five to ten levels higher than the gym leader's. Should this person win or lose- and why?[/b][/color]

[u](A): ___[/u]

[b][color=darkred](Q): Imagine that there's a certain member who you would absolutely, never in your life, want to mod for. The reason... Let's say perhaps, that their english is just so bad that you can hardly understand what they're trying to say. You could easily just leave this person's topics to another mod, who's perfectly willing to help that member out- but what might the consequences of your lack of action be? Simplified; what could happen if you deliberatly choose not to mod a certain person?[/b][/color]

[u](A): ___[/u]

[b][color=darkred](Q): Someone you don't like curses excessively in their posts- given that this is a PG-13 rated board, it's a clear violation of the rules. You however, have no personal problem with it, and in all honesty, you forget that it's a rule sometimes. You could let it slip, and you personally wouldn't get in trouble- so what do you do?[/b][/color]

[u](A): ____[/u]

[b][color=darkred]5.) Another mod has a certain plot going for a member. However, this mod has been gone for a few days, and then the person who had been stuck in that plot came on chat looking for someone else to help them out while their usual mod was away. Although you have enough time to help him or her out, you haven't the slightest clue what the plot actually led to. What do you do?[/b][/color]

[u](A): ___[/u]



[b][color=darkred]I drink the blood of the Earth,
and the trees fear my roar,
yet a man may hold me in his hands.[/b][/color]


[b][color=darkred]I am the red tongue of the Earth,
 that buries cities.[/b][/color]


[b][color=darkred]Thousands lay up gold within this house,
          but no man made it.
          Spears past counting guard this house,
          but no man wards it.[/b][/color]


[b][color=darkred]It cannot be seen, cannot be felt
          Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
          It lies behind stars and under hills,
            And empty holes it fills.
          It comes first and follows after,
            Ends life, kills laughter.[/b][/color]


[b][color=darkred]I am the teeth of the mouth of the earth
        Darkness and water attended my birth
        Softly and slowly extended in time
        Name me and know me, solving this rhyme[/b][/color]



[b][color=darkred]T/F: You're allowed three attacks per turn.

T/F: The post minimum is at least one paragraph.

T/F: You must pay 800 for a move tutor.

T/F: It takes 600 words to gain a level via training.

T/F: You must post twice a week, or will be considered inactive.

T/F: A mod is expected to post [i]as a mod[/i] twice a day, at least.[/b][/color]


I got sick of typing stuff, and people asking me when it's gonna be done- so here. I'll add stuff for future moderators... Good luck. :) Also, even after passing the test- you will be pseudo for a bit. I'll be monitoring your progress for a week after you pass the test -meaning how you mod-, and that will be the 'final exam', in a sense. This is srs bzns.


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