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Class/Multi Class Rules

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Class/Multi Class Rules

Post by Shiz on Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:21 pm

Each class has it's own colour, but the only reason we have them is because they all have their own features, as well as their own limits.

The Trainer is someone who focuses entirely on challenging the gym leaders around Elix, and the Elite four. Their main goal is to defeat the Pokemon Champion. They could eventually become gym leaders, after they defeat the Elite Four, and the champion. They aren't allowed to join contests, breed, or work for a professor- and are moderately less likely to find any rare items.

The Coordinator focuses entirely on winning contests, be it beauty, cool, tough, smart, cute, etc. Their main goal is generally to either win first place in all the contests they participate, or simply have the most attractive, intimidating, cool party, etc. They cannot fight gyms, breed, or work for a Professor- and are moderately less likely to find rare items.

The Breeder is someone who simply makes eggs and hatches them- selling them to others depending on the breed. They focus on collecting Pokemon, specifically, and selling the offspring. They also generally are known to keep Pokemon that are prone to evolving according to happiness- such as Pichu, or Riolu. They aren't allowed to join contests, fight gyms, or work for a professor- and are moderately less likely to find rare items.

The Researcher is basically a Professor's assistant. They're given tasks and assignments to complete by an NPC, and will get rewards and the such for completing them. They're a bit more likely to find rare Pokemon, and if they've done a good enough job completing their tasks over a certain period of time, they could also become a Professor. They aren't allowed to join contests, or breed- and are slightly more likely to find rare items.

The Collector is primarily someone who searches for rare items. They collect them, keeping them for themselves, or sell them to the highest bidder. These items are generally evolutionary stones and the such. They aren't allowed to join contests, breed, or work for a professor- and they are moderately more likely to find rare items and Pokemon. Their chances of finding shiny Pokemon are multiplied by three.

Now then, there's also the option of choosing more than one of these classes- but there's also a certain post count that you must reach before having the option to do so. Keep in mind, that should you decide to choose an extra class, you would have chosen that over creating another character. In other words, you have the option to create two different characters- or you could keep one, but have an extra class along with it's original.

For example, Mysie, as soon as I hit 500 posts, could either stay as a breeder, or become something else. I have a few options- I could create another character of any class, but only one class. Or, I could choose a second class for Mysie- so she could be a breeder/trainer, or a breeder/researcher. Whichever you like. However, make sure that you PM an admin if you're choosing this over making another character.

Now then, you're probably wondering what benefits multiclass characters get. Well, they get whatever each individual class gets on their own. For example, add a trainer's characteristics with a collector's. This character in particular will be able to challenge gyms, but also gain the 3x bonus collectors have in regards to finding shiny pokemon. They're also moderately more likely to find rare items, as opposed to the trainer's original chances; slightly less likely. If you have any questions, PM me.


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