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Lunus' writing

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Lunus' writing

Post by Lunus on Fri Jan 21, 2011 1:57 pm

Moon-lit Shadows

I stalked the boy, using the trees above him for cover. He was just a junior high student, ordinary in every aspect. Wearing a black hoodie and faded blue jeans he quickened his pace. He was an athlete. With a perfect build muscular but not so much that you could see it clearly. He was a member of every sport club at school and excelled at everything he tried.

I hummed to myself as I strolled through the branches. Paying slight attention to the boy below. He was a food source for me. Not some soul or personality I would come to like. Just food. He turned left and I had to leave my cover and drop to the ground behind him. Noticing nothing he carried on walking.

We passed a pub on the way and a few men called out to him. He nodded in reply and went on his way. That was lucky. I didn’t want to make a scene of it. He hopped the fence to the park and I followed. I saw Ben ahead lounging on a tree and knew we would strike.

I dashed forward to where Ben stood.

“This one’s a healthy one,” I commented airily

“Good, I’m sick of week old bottles,” he replied

The boy walked towards us, close to a few girls sitting on a bench. He smiled at them and went over to talk. Ben groaned next to me.

The boy soon carried on walking and passed us without noticing. Hopping the gate at the other side of the park he carried through downtown and stopped in front of a dilapidated hospital. Looking left and right he entered through the collapsed doors.

The building was an off white color with graffiti sprayed on the front wall. The windows were either smashed or boarded up. The wall next to the chimney was crumbled and allowed easy view into the top floor.

Shuffling forward I heard Ben chuckle behind me. He was right; the boy couldn’t have picked a more secluded space, no witnesses and easy to cover up.

"Go to the roof," Ben said stopping me in my tracks

"Ok, but try not to get hurt. I don't want to explain it to the council." I replied

I flitted to the roof and watched for anyone headed in this direction. No one appeared to be coming so I dropped into the floor below me. Creeping out to the stairway balcony I saw Ben confront the boy.

"Give it up boy! You cannot win, and we are hungry," he called.

"Ha, you think you are the one who will win don't you vampire. You have never been more wrong," The boy replied with confidence.

"Wrong? How are you going to stop me?"

"I won’t have to; the moon will do the work for me,"

"The moon? What has that got to do with anything?"

"You'll see,"

I ducked down low and a beam of moonlight streaked through the room.

The boy fell down and dry heaved, his back bucked and his fingers elongated. His mouth extended from his body and teeth grew sharp and uneven.

He reared up and growled.

He was a werewolf.

I stared as realization struck and the boy dived on Ben. He clawed at his eyes and chewed on his arm. Ben was defeated in less than a minute. The council had to be warned.

After finishing with Ben he turned towards me. He growled in recognition and bounded to the stairs. I ran and sped towards the roof and flitted down the alleyways towards the sewer grates. No one could be hurt there and it would avoid unnecessary witnesses. I tried to remember all the information I knew about werewolves as I ran.

They changed during the night and were sworn enemies of vampires but they can be cured. They can only be cured through one method, killing the alpha male, but that would take time. The only choice I had was to kill it.

Drawing my short sword, I realized how glad I was that Ben had insisted on it being silver. I turned left into a dead end pipe. It was easy to protect myself here with only one way in and out.

I heard its claws scraping on the pipes and the splashing of its legs in the water. It turned the corner and snarled at me. I readied myself for when he would bound towards me and stared at the beast. He jumped at me and I swing my sword causing a large gash to appear on its chest. I knew that wouldn't kill it and it would return for another attack soon so I stepped forward and slashed repeatedly at its chest. I loped off one of its hands and it swung at me with the bloody stump. Sensing defeat the beast turned to leave and I wouldn’t let it. I dived on its back with incredible speed and decapitated it with ease.

It thrashed around as blood seeped out of its wound. I knew killed it and it would not be back for a rematch. I grabbed the arm of the corpse and wiped my blade on it. It was my first ever battle and I knew almost instantly that it would not be my last.
I climbed out of the sewers and flitted to the nearest outpost. There were dozens of outposts dotted around the world, usually disguised as abandoned mansions or old barns, and vampires could use them at any time. Inside the outpost I grabbed a bottle of blood from a shelf and set up a coffin to spend the night in.

“Good job Matt,” said a voice behind me,

“I’m not surprised you’re here Terrowin. Have you come to check up on me?” I replied curtly turning to glare at the shadows behind me,

“Well that’s no way to an old friend is it?”

“You stopped being my friend a long time ago. Now what do you want?”

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