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Free Area Rules

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Free Area Rules

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:40 am

The general board rules still apply. That means nothing overly graphic, mature, or anything that might be considered harassment.

In order to create a shop, posting game, or RP outside of the Katsu Region - you first have to get admin permission to do so. When you do, please state in the shop, posting game, and/or RP that you did in fact get admin permission by "Insert name here". Otherwise the tread will get deleted without warning.

-When creating a shop, provide examples.
-When creating a posting game, provide examples.
-When creating an RP, provide an overview, as well as a template to follow, RP rules, and guidelines. You should also show these to an administrator before anything else, because it will not be approved otherwise.
-Do not copy anything from another topic that already exists on the site. It's pointless if there's two of the same thing - just post stuff on the original.
-If you have any questions or complaints, PM an Administrator.

+ Do not post anything graphic anywhere in the member's area. Hell, I won't add the rest of the obvious ones, since I've already said that the board rules still apply.

Have fun~

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