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Lunix Seldin's PC!

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Lunix Seldin's PC!

Post by Lunix on Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:55 pm

:Pokemons in Storage:

Budd the Budew

Level: 6
Gender: Male.
Moves: Absorb, Growth, Razor Leaf
Ability: Natural Cure
Personality: Caught in Paz Meadow. Through most of his fight from past trainers, Budd is very tough, and has great love for battle. It also looks at Charmander now as a good rival, even for it's small size.

Templar the Lairon

Level: 15
Gendar: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Metal Claw, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Harden
Personality: Templar is a hard-head, brave challenger. Never one to back down from a fight, he's usually the one to start a fight. The moment he see's anyone is worth fighting, he'll have his head down, and charge head first into battle! He was caught when he was Charmeleon, and looks at Charmeleon as a true rival.

:Items in Storage:

:None: D=

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