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Pokemart Items- Contest Tools

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Pokemart Items- Contest Tools

Post by Shiz on Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:19 pm


Ball Capsule - 1500£
This durable sphere is just slightly larger than a standard pokéball and fits over one snugly. Though their most common function is to enable the use of Stickers, they could make a decent covering to keep your balls from being damaged if you do the sort of insane things that could cause things like pokéballs to get damaged. Overall, a must purchase for those coordinators that want a little extra flair. (Stickers sold seperately)

Trick Kit - 500£
This small suitcase, easily slid comfortably into any reasonably sized bag, has everything you might need. It has a variety of adjustably sized hoops, bars, frizbees, rings, and all other kinds of theatrical property you might want to use in a performance. With this purpose there's no reason to go without when you have a wonderful idea for showing off your pokémon's athleticism.

Grooming Kit - 500£
A boxful of brushes, razors, files, clippers, and any other tool you might need to treat whatever sort of skin, mouth, and hands your pokémon may have. Having this holistic kit ensures your contestant's outsides will always look their best, notably better than those competetors using less-than-optimum tools.

Sticker Sheet - 100£
This page contains six sparkle stickers, three heart-bubble stickers, two skull stickers, and one string sticker(Color optional). It is a bargain of 20£ off, assuming you have a use for all of those.

Special Sticker - 100£
A sticker special-ordered by you. The description of it's effects is entirely up to you. When you purchase this PM the contest director with the description. In 1-2 weeks you character will receive a message on their watch that their sticker has been completed and it can be conveniently be picked up at the nearest pokémon center. (You must order this sticker in advance, you cannot use it on the contest immediately following your purchase. If you're going to be special I expect you to be well thought-out as well.)

Common Stickers
All - 10£

Sparkle - This sticker releases a cloud of stars into the air around your pokémon. They glow dimly before disappearing in a tornado swirl.

Heart-bubble - This sticker releases a cloud of variably-sized properly-shaded heart-shaped bubbles that pop promptly.

Skull - This sticker causes the ball to appear to expant into a dark generic skull-shaped cloud that dissipates, leaving the pokémon standing in the middle of where it was.

String (Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) - This sticker causes a reasonably uncountable number of strings to come from the ball, flying around a bit then wrapping themselves into the shape of the pokémon. It comes in a variety of standard colors, determined when you purchase it.

Uncommon Stickers
All - 30£

Bright Sparkle - This sticker releases a cloud of stars into the air around your pokémon. They glow brightly before disappearing in a tornado swirl, usually leaving a residual haze in the onlooker's eyes, encompassing the pokémon.

String (Rainbow) - This sticker acts the same as the common string sticker, but it includes any two, three, or up to all nine colors, as determined as you purchase it.

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